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Great app for snow contractors ****
by HrWng - Dec 18, 2015

Straightforward, easy to use software that has enough flexibility for entry of personalized variables important to the snow contractor.

The font is large and easy to read, an important feature when working in low light conditions. Customer support is great, and quickly responsive.

The download of the updated version was quite fast. Suggested improvement: make it easier to send truncated text or email to individual customers.


Wow! Great software update..
R. M. Abbott, Owner/Manager Mow Beta! Mowing & Snowplowing Service - Dec 18, 2015

Wow! Great software update... superfast, and it automatically incorporated my previous files & settings.

Suggestion for future version:
In real time, I want to notify my customer via text or email of our crew's time of arrival & departure from the property, but not any other detail. The current mpengo sends too much detail, making it difficult to later correct a crew's oversight about amount of de-icing product used or number of snowplows onsight when preparing invoices.

Also, I want it to be clear that I am sending a text or email to a specific customer. In its current form ("Logs & Reports" page), it is tough to know where the message is going, especially when I'm out at night in the middle of a winter storm while punching info into an iPad in the cab of a semi-lit truck. The last thing I want to do is send info to the wrong customer.

Your software is straightforward and simple but with some flexibility for entry of personalized variables that are important to me, the contractor. The font is large & easy to read. Customer support is great & quickly responsive. The download of the updated version was remarkably fast.


I'd recommend this app. ****
by Precision landscaping of Maine - Dec 4. 2013

This app cover the basic info needed to log your visits. Keeps track of temp snowfall sanding etc. even gives you extra listings and comment area. You can set up auto email to send records for you as well as you can look up by dates location etc. I'd recommend to anyone that wants to go paperless and be more organized.


Mpengo snow *****
by Suresealbossman - Dec 30. 2011

Great app! Easy to keep and email run records. Easy to use


Excellent app *****
by Tocksucko - Jan 18, 2012

This app will help you keep track of all aspects in the snow removal de-icing business. You have customizable macros and outstanding customer support. A definite must have for an organized contractor.


Excellent *****
by By "Us" Company - Jan 10. 2012

Great app!! Love being able to attach pictures to every log. The new updates are great too. It is simple to use and a great addition to any snow removal business. We currently use ~ on fifteen iPads and 100+ properties. It 's an easy way to figure out whether or not your accounts were profitable and bids were accurate at the end of the season. Look forward to trying mpengo's other apps this spring.


Owner *****
by DaMarshall1234 - Dec 4, 2011

Great app! I've been using it for a month now. No more note books and lost papers. just fill it out and than at the end of the storm email them home and send the bills out. I would buy it again!


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