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by Curt on Wednesday, April 22 2015

This is a great App surpassed only by the amazing tech support. I created a serious problem for myself by failing to back up my data. Mpengo tech support provided the best service I've ever received -- period! They worked over a weekend to help me and, in the end, got back everything I had lost. I can't say enough about this amazing company. WORTH EVERY PENNY.

by SLT1965 on Saturday, October 04 2014

I originally gave this application a marginal review as I found out it wasn't flexible enough to allow me to use it for all our business needs. However, shortly after posting the review, I received an email from the developer asking me about the things I didn't like about it and how to make it better. After a month of trial and error, they adapted the program and made some significant changes that will make it a very useful tool for my company. I really can't express how great it is to deal with a developer who is proud of their product and really want to make the application the best it can be and suitable for everyone who uses it. The new changes will allow multiple inspection sheets of varying tasks possible for us. Way to go, mpengo.....thanks for all your help!!!!

Fast and easy to set up *****
by TheOriginalMod on Sunday, July 13 2014

The techs love this as our inspections are far easier AND faster to go through. With no paper to carry around and an all in one app- the reports can be sent out whenever you have a wireless connection instead of having to be on the internet to use it is a huge advantage for any company.

Our clients love the reports that are generated as they can forward them to head office and they are easily readable.

The ability to add notes when using this saves a lot of our techs time and is a fantastic feature as well.

I had contacted the app developer in regards to suggestions, and the future updates will be a welcome addition to the app.

Looking forward to more great and useful apps from this developer.

Once again, thank you for a FANTASTIC app!