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Awesome App *****
by Mexicaninthe619 • v4.2 • United States - January, 2019

I started my business small 4 1 /2 years ago. Now that my business has grown and I needed more iPads, and upgrading iPads, it was simple to back up even using an old iPad 1st generation. I was frustrated when I upgraded my iPad to an iPad Pro and I was not able to back up to itunes because of how old my 1st Gen iPad was, but with this app you can back up all files, email and send it to your new iPad Pro. Thank you for making this awesome app!



Second to None! *****
by Plumbmaster32 - Apr 19, 2017

Great App! For the money it cost and the purpose it serves you couldn't ask for anything better. People who leave lower star reviews based on the fact they that this app doesn't deliver everything thing they expect is unrealistic expectations for this product. Seriously people what more do you expect from a app that you paid only $20 dollars for. If you expect your every little demand for a product like this then be prepared to spend well over a $1000. Hats off to Mpengo for making a great app and constantly trying to improve it.



This app rocks! *****
by Daniel in Detroit, Michigan, February 16 2017

This app rocks!!! I want to thank mpengo so much. I give it 5 stars our of 5.

I'm a small business owner that provides services and I researched a ton of service apps, many were so expensive and didn't meet my company needs, let a lone fit in my budget. Then I came across mpengo Service Call and installed the app for only $22.

I'm glad to say as of today my company is officially paper free. Emailing the customer their receipt is so much more professional looking and easier. I've already made up for the cost of the app buy not having to purchase invoice sheets and taking the time of writing information on these forms. Image means a lot for a small company and my guys showing up with an iPad instead of hand written carbon copy invoices leaves a good impression.

Everything I had on my forms fit into the app, with some minor name changes of fields. If I ever need the data then I can export and print, when needed. The newer version added many new reporting functions, which is what I really needed. The service call actually is on one page, no tabs or other windows you have to fish through.

The tool is so simple to use and it only took me 5 minutes to train my staff and they love it!!!

I'm one very happy customer and I personally want to thank you again for making live as a business owner easier and for saving me money.



Not Just for the Service Trades & Works on an iPad Pro! *****
by iDBlaze in Toronto, Canada, January 15 2017

I recently got a cellular version of the iPad Pro. I have a business that involves various services including audio recording, photography, live music & sound and web development.

Most of what I had read about the app was focusing on the service trades like appliance repair and HVAC.

I was not aware of any business management app that was specific for the creative services that I offer, but thought because I offer services, products, do location work, and have a reasonably sized customer base.. why shouldn't this work for me? So I purchased the app, and gave it a try.

The app was more customizable than I first realized, and is helping me keep an organized list of my customers, the services I have performed for them and their invoices. I had a few questions regarding custom labels, pricing details and importing and exporting data, which were answered in literally a few minutes by their support, which is built right into the app. That impressed me, and gave me even greater confidence to get a little deeper into it, knowing that the company makes this level of support a priority.

Does the app do everything I'd like it to? No, but to be fair it does everything that they say it is supposed to do, and I feel that they will be responsive to requests or suggestions as the app continues in development. I am very happy with the iPad Pro and Service Call did not encounter a single glitch on my device. I did notice that the program only shows in landscape mode, but that was not a problem for me, as this is the way I usually use it, and the screen real estate was easy on the eyes. It would not do a split screen, as of yet, if I started with another app, but was able to show two apps whenever I started with Service Call and any other apps that had been written to be accessible in this mode. This made it a workable scenario when I need to access mail for info or documents that related to the project I was working on in Service Call. I also purchased an Apple Pencil with the iPad Pro to help me with my graphic and photo work. There is a signature function in the app which is nice, but the pencil did not work for this function, but maybe in the future, and signage with my finger was quite useable.

All in all, I'm liking the app very much, as it helps to keep me organized and on track with certain projects.. Which often I can use some help with ;) .. So well done mpengo.. I'm looking forward to the continuing development of this helpful app.



Super App *****
by Robbie Moran in Ireland, January 4 2017

I am currently a field service engineer in the ePOS sector and use this app daily for sending service sheets and invoices. I have tried many apps and have not found one as complete as Servicecall. I would highly recommend this app to other field service engineers out there.



This is by far one of the most contractor friendly apps that we’ve used. *****
by Matt from Severe Weather Roofing and Restoration in Denver Colorado, December 22 2015

This is by far one of the most contractor friendly apps that we’ve used. The main areas of business that the site serves are building trades, service trades, lawn & snow, interior design, and some other minor specialty services which are extremely important to any home improvement contractor out there.

We use mpengo applications most of the time in the field, mainly through the use of an iPad. All of the programs are available for a one-time download price without having to pay for any add-ons, monthly fees, upgrades, etc. Software like this that works on the jobsite is quite helpful to prevent information loss or inaccuracies by providing immediate updates in terms of costs, resources, change requests, and more.

With this software you can easily track your projects from start to finish starting with the estimate. All project information and quotes are stored digitally and presented to both buyer and supplier. When awarded the labor, materials, payables, and receivables are all documented and sortable for tracking and reports.

We believe that the service trades package works especially great for HVAC or plumbing contractors or property managers and other industries which must make on-site visits. On our own experience, it helped the company work more efficiently by dispatching contractors which are in the area and tracking those who are already on-site. It is also convenient for those making the calls as they can get digital signoff instantly on their work or respond to calls near their location to increase cash flow in a pay-per-call business.

Like many iPad applications, mpengo is visually orientated and easy to navigate with touch and swipe controls. The program is very customizable and can be geared towards fixing what is lacking in your business whether it be from losing change requests to tracking time to dispatching service efficiently, etc. For a 1-time fee that's well under $100 it's definitely worth a try.



Right idea, RIGHT DESIGN. *****
by Paosetek on Thursday, January 01 2015

This is a gem! Simple design, no complicated screens. Everything right up front where you need to see it. All the functionality of big box programs yet simple and fast to input data. Landscape mode is very practical. It allows you to see all the data in real time. No complicated menus. Changes are as easy as touching the screen in the general area of the topic. That basically eliminates most context based menus. Touch Customer area, and the area expands to allow data input. Same for service call info, scope of work, billing items, payments, etc. I love this program!!! Worth 10x the price for ease of use, functionality, efficiency and design. Bravo!


Great idea : wrong design ****
by Tony4tuna on Sunday, December 21 2014

I start using the application and everything look ok until I try to use the app in portrait mode : not way and won't be in the future ..


by Patrick Osetek from Jupiter Florida on Saturday, Dec 30th, 2014

I've got to say, I've been doing my estimating and invoicing on computers since 1986! NOTHING has been easier than this app! I've spent thou$ands trying to find a functional, practical, and efficient way to get this daily task done.

Now, finally technology had caught up. No more klutzy binders, clipboards, forms, heavy laptops, and no more printers in the trucks. Simple yet functional interface. Everything is there. Jump into a section and right back to see the big picture.

...I've been selling this app to all my associates! They want to know why I'm successful lately in closing my deals? I tell them it's because I can seize the moment with your App. Why waste your time emailing estimates for approval when you can get it on the spot?


Thanks mpengo!

Patrick Osetek
Patrick's Painting & Paperhanging Inc.


Service Call *****
by Danny Stewart from Mississippi on Saturday, August 14 2014

Hi, I believe Mary is usually who helps us. She is awesome by the way... I thought I would see if any plans have been made so we can use iMac with service call....

We love Service Call, and no plans on changing. We have a great opportunity to expand up as far as Virginia, and your answer determines our decision on purchasing iPad, or waiting lil longer and going with iMacs up there.....

Keep up the AWESOME job at mpengo...... best customer support, that I ever found for any online product by far.......

Your number #1 fan!
Accurate Heating and Cooling Inc.


Landis Hot Tub Repair *****
by Rick Landis on Saturday, August 02 2014

This is a great app, I love it. I use it every day. It has helped me grow my business, and keep track of all of my customers. I would strongly recommend this app to anyone in a service oriented business. I love the invoicing feature. Mpengo really listens to it's customers and work to improve the app all the time. The best money I have spent for my business.


Thank you! *****
by TheOriginalMod on Sunday, July 13 2014

After reading about your software on a forum, we decided to take the plunge and try your software for a week. Guess what? Both our clients and techs love it. It smoothes out the process for both the business and the client. And to be able to create and upload from the office via email and a spreadsheet is a genius idea.

The tech support is fast and amazing. After two minutes via email, all our questions were answered.

The follow up email and manual sent after the purchase is an excellent idea and greatly appreciated.

We have since purchased service sheet for our inspections and has both sped up our time for service and allows the documents to be emailed right away for both products we have purchased.

The greatest feature and money saver is that it can be all done off line and sent when you have a wireless connection.

Our trucks have mobile wireless so it was never an issue, but in areas with low or no cellular service and start up businesses it it is a great feature.

Keep up the fantastic work and we look forward to more updates and apps in the future


Awesome *****
by AllWires on Tuesday, June 17 2014

Worth every penny. Great customer support! I run an electrical repair service with this app.


mpengo service call *****
by Jon Harvey on Wednesday, March 26 2014

I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you to the team at Mpengo. Their product is working well for us. And every time I email support they get back to me right away.

Thank you for your quality product and support.

Philadelphia, PA


Service call *****
by A.Cdude on Thursday, February 20 2014

If you have a service company and an iPad,
And you are using paper invoices you need this app. It's that simple. If you have a flat rate book for repairs it's even simpler put your job info in and use the same job kit over and over.
Customers info stored with a map, equipment info, notes, times in and out, attach photos with narrative, did I say PAPERLESS! At the end of the week send a report back to enter into QB's. And maybe soon...
We won't need QB's (hint Mpengo)

Best tool on my truck


Best business app to date! *****
by kcheese on Wednesday, January 22 2014

This app has completely streamlined my computer repair business. It's made it so much easier for keeping track of billing and staying on top of invoicing so that I'm not missing anything. I've only begun exploring the new features of 3.0 but so far I love it and I feel like it's going to help even more. Thanks for making such a great and taking time to put proper development into it and listening to your users ' needs! Your the epitome of what an app developer should be.


I love the Service Call app
From FaceBook, Dec 23 2013

Thank you, for helping my business become profitable in its first year of operation! I love the Service Call app, I have had many wonderful comments from my customers.

D. Sponseller Service & Repair


Happy customer *****
by jtcoch on Monday, November 04 2013

This app saved my skin! The reports are absolutely indispensable. Please fix the bug that erases all entered "service performed" if you touch outside box. Apart from that this app and an airpinter is all you need.


Love it! *****
by Copicatt on Tuesday, October 22 2013

I run an office equipment business and use this everyday. On service calls, just have the customer sign the pad and it shoots them an email with invoice. Mpengo has answered any questions quickly. Works well for me.


Sean *****
by Seanwithaloha on Tuesday, October 15 2013

Great app!


Not bad but not great ***
by Jhar1 on Tuesday, May 14 2013

I have an hvac business. I think its an okay App. There are some things i would like to see. The ability to add multiple times to 1 invoice. Maps to be in the apple maps apps (even though its not great) to be able to link pm inspection reports to the invoice.


Awesome! *****
by A Frogs Dream on Saturday, May 11 2013

Great App for any service business. It has saved me so much time and allows me to keep on top of billing etc! Get it, it's worth every penny!


Great app ****
by Fire ice ray on Wednesday, January 02 2013

This is a great app and the customer service is amazing.

You will like it


Well done ****
by Kmoney_in_chas on Monday, December 03 2012

I have been using this program for about 7 months. It has greatly reduced my paperwork and increased my efficiency. My favorite feature is being able to access "call history" in seconds. Another unintended feature is that when ever someone signs their name with their finger, they always giggle. It is almost automatic and it nice to see a smile on the customers face as you are about to leave.
I would highly recommend this app to anyone in the service industry. At the price they are asking, it is worth giving it a shot.

The only feature that I would love to see is a "map". I often have over 20 open calls and for me being able to look at a map and see all of the calls identified with pin would be priceless. This would allow me to save time and money by planning the best route.


Your Success is Only One App Away... *****
by XR-Surfers - Jul 10, 2012

I am a General Contractor specializing in kitchen and bathroom remodels as well as home upgrades. Quite often I will get a call for a repair or a simple upgrade that the home owner does not want an estimate (because of the size of the job), and that is where I use my "Mpengo Service Call app. This is the best app ever for these kinds of calls. I show up, do the work, and invoice the customer right then and there. I hand my iPad over to my customer, they sign it, write me a check, or pay me cash, and then I complete the call by sending them their receipt. All this before I ever leave their home.
I love this app for several reasons...I no longer carry a clip board with me and those silly forms that you pick up at Staples for invoicing. This app allows me to set myself apart from my competition. I look more professional to my customers, and I am more organized with my book keeping and my time. With Mpengo Service Call, when I complete the job, I'm done. There is no going back to the office to fill out more paper work. or input the data into the computer, when I leave the job...I can go straight to the bank, and then to the next job. Mpengo Service Call has saved me hours each week in busy work. I am able to focus on more important things like building my business.
I have several of the Mpengo Apps now (Service Call, Quotes, Projects, & TimePaths), and I absolutely love how they all work very smoothly with one another. I use these Apps so much that I have set them up on my iPad as the 4 major apps on the bottom of my main screen.

Thank you mpengo for producing the best Apps on the market for a business owner.


Great app *****
by VIPB Cooper — Jul 11, 2012

I send my invoice to a wireless printer and collect right on the site. No more waiting on my money.

Great app! Thanks for making my invoicing so simple.


Tested many, went with mpengo *****
by Vvvvv.jhgg - Jul 11, 2012

I use mpengo for invoicing and for field service representatives, the price is one time, not monthly. they make use of the iPad real estate well and they base their improvements on user requests. We are migrating our client data from our crm to mpengo, it will offer us client history on the fly. I look fwd to implementing their dispatch product as well.

Great App!!!!!!!!! *****
by mantronics - Apr 24, 2012

Excellent app. Totally eliminates the need for paper. Very user friendly. A great way to keep track of invoices and customers. Best of all is the customer signature feature. A must have app for every contractor and tradesman!!!!!!!!!


Owner/Manager *****
by All tech security on Monday, July 23 2012

Unbelievable App! I have my own business and I also run a service a department for another company. By far this has been the best app for all my needs. This app also has the best tech support and fast. They have been very responsive to help with all of my questions and have been very professional. I would recommend this to anyone. Really looking forward for the dispatch board to be released.


Love to be heard *****
by D-Grim on Sunday, June 17 2012

This was a great up data and I love fact you guys are updating it And that your doing it customer feed back:) I would recommend this app to just about anyone who has their own small service business. I'm a pc tech, and thats how I am using it. To the creators please add the ability to edit passes calls (closed) so I can see passes history
---customer sometimes can claim you did something you didn't or the you didn't go over something.
---it's always good to see your passed notes for that SRO (service request order)
---and maybe different themes??
Please add this to a future update
Hope I'm not asking for too much
Thanks guys


Service Call *****
by Troubleshooter50 - Feb 28, 2013

Mpengo Service Call is an incredible app. As a self-employed service technician. I need to be mobile at all times and this is the app for the job. I can input data on the fly efficiently. Many times I am waiting on parts or cannot close the service call on the first visit. This little but powerful app is quite handy and covers all my bases!


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