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We are always interested in improving our apps, based on customer recommendations. Send us your ideas here, of how we can improve our apps for your use. - mpengo Ltd.

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Great app *****
by Sbecker32 on Tuesday, February 26 2013

These guys truly are trying to create the best app. Their customer service is second to none. I am in aww ! They actually listen to suggestions and act quickly.


Must have for Design Professionals *****
by Designer in Miami - Jan 3. 2013

This app is a dream come true. It's affordable, It's easy to use and I am able to track my project for my interior design business down to the dollar. I also loved that some of the templates that are preloaded were ready to use and easy to edit. All accounting codes already there. All client contracts and documents are uploaded to their file. Easy reference when you are on site. I document clients conversations (in person or on the phone). This keeps me up to date.

I bought this about a month ago and I have been telling every designer I know that they must get this. Mpengo support told me we should've able to upload our logo to show on invoices. As soon as I am able to that I will be 100%.

Improving our apps *****
by WPB Cooper - Feb 18. 2013

We are always interested in improving our apps, particularly Project and Quotes, based on customer recommendations. We'd be interested in suggestions as to how the Quotes to Project interchange of data could be improved.

Great app *****
by Sbecker32 - Feb 26. 2013

These guys truly are trying to create the best app. Their customer service is second to none. I am in aww I They actually listen to suggestions and act quickly.

John at Kinsman *****
by John at Kinsman - Nov 23. 2011

Well this app gets better and better. I own a remodeling company and have had this app for 5 months. Without question it is essential to my business. This app makes so many time consuming tasks simple and painless. In addition to the fantastic features of the app, the customer support is the best support I have found on any app I have. The response of customer support is remarkably fast and detailed.

Let me spotlight some of the great features of this app:

1. Quickly keep up with timesheets for employees on numerous projects.
2. Simple entry of expenses
3. Notes that you normally jot down on a scratch sheet of paper are keep safe and sound within the files of that project
4. Reports about costs, employee issues/problems, progress, cost summaries and more are all produced without a hassle.
5. All reports, billings, invoices, summaries are able to be emailed

Thank you Mpengo for helping my business and sanity.

Simply the best *****
by Cdhvbdhdcsvnj fbgfbsfb - Aug 3. 2012

First of all, the support is second to none. There is no perfect apps but it is nice to see this developer team answer your questions within a few minutes. This app works very well and is very useful. I have suggested that the developer please integrate Quotes and Project a little better to be more streamlined in transferring the proposal. I sure they will. Well done and thank you for putting out quality at a reasonable price.

Easy to use *****
by PBDP - Apr 4, 2012

I recently purchased Mpengo for my pool design and construction company. Within ten minutes of using it I was able to easily manipulate the app. It is so easy to use. I know this app with help take my business to the next level. If your thinking of buying it, don't hesitate. Its worth every penny. Thanks mpengo!

General Contractor *****
by XR-Surfers- Mar 23, 2012

I am a G/C in Orange County (California) and I just recently purchased Mpengo Project after purchasing Mpengo Quotes and using that App for several weeks.

mpengo Project is a wonderful App. I am excited at where this App is going to take my business.

First: I want to comment on the simplicity of this App. I found it very easy and user friendly to set up. I am now capable of following the day to day cost of running a project. I know at the end of every day if I am making a profit or if I am sliding backwards. Not only can I see the bottom line, which is very important to me and the success of my company, but I can see exactly where the challenge may be. In my most recent project, I was able to evaluate a situation and I realized that my guys had done a little project that the client had asked of them that was not in the estimate. So, I spoke to my client, explained to him that we needed to create a change order and make things right. I was only able to do this because of the Mpengo Project App. When I went to my truck, pulled out my iPad and opened Mpengo Project, pulled up his project, and went over it with him. He agreed that the task he asked of the guys, was not on the original estimate. We negotiated a fair price and I generated a change order right then and there. I had him sign it .... yes on my iPad, emailed to him right then so he would have a copy, and he wrote me a check right there. Business does not go much smoother than that...but it can and will when you have a tool such as this at your finger tips.

Second: I want to comment on the support staff. I have had a few questions in the beginning. There is a lot of information on this App for us to access. The support team at Mpengo is awesome. They set the standards when it comes to customer support. My clients require good support and I require the same. The team at Mpengo has been there when I needed them the most. I was recently on a job trying to access some information to share with the client, I did not know how to do what I needed to do at that time, and I did not have the luxury of figuring it out at that time. I sent an email to Mpengo and within a couple of minutes I had a reply. I was absolutely blown away. I was able to get the info back to my client before he had to leave the job. Because of the quick reply from the support team, I d id not have to say those famous last words to my client... “I will have to get back to you on that". Thank you for your support Mpengo.

So in closing ... 11 you take your business serious, want your clients to take you serious, and understand the value of "Time is Money", then purchase this software and take your business to the next level in technology. If you don't...well then ... I wish you luck.

Designer's dream! *****
by just.vaughn - Jul 4. 2011

Finally an app that allows me to track a complete design project from start to finish, complete with signatures! There are so many great features in mpengo Project that it is hard to cover them all, and I am still discovering how helpful it really is, especially for someone like me with a frantic schedule and lots of job sites where now all I need is my iPad and this app You customize it to your own taste or criteria, and as a professional interior designer I can honestly say that I have never seen an app, period, that offers all the things I need in my daily work, from notes to photos to budgets ... but it's all here. I can see mPengo becoming the only app I use for every aspect of my projects. Oh, and it has to be just about the best buy in the App Store in terms of value for dollar. This may be the first rave review, but I know it will be followed by many more. Do yourself a favour if you are in any aspect of design or contracting work; buy this!

Very efficient. Well worth the cost! *****
by Zombie low - Jul 16. 2011

We were a bit hesitant about spending so much on this app, BUT alter using it for just a few days, we can see that it is going to pay for itself many, many times over. I especially like being able to have all our job information in one spot, note, meetings, drawings, changes, billings and so on, instead of all over the place I would highly recommend it!

Best App and Highly Recommended - Worth EVERY PENNY. *****
by deniyor - Oct 22, 2012

This is a must have app for project managers, business managers and construction folks. As a Construction Engineer, this app helps me keep track of RFls, meetings, subcontractors, costs, time, invoices, customer billings,and work done on site. I am able to generate different kinds of progress reports on the fly. Definitely improving my efficiency at work. Very good investment so far!

I am able to also customize it for my exact needs. Good templates available and I am able to customize I make mine. Great project examples too.

I was quite skeptical due to its price - took a week and lots of research before buying rt. I hate to admit it but it is worth every penny. I will be recommending it to my company for sure! So far with this app, I am right on top of things in my projects.

Another excellent part of the app is the customer service. Best I have ever known. The support button is right on the top corner of the app and can be easily used. Every time I sent an email for support, I got a reply and help within couple of minutes ( even at 3am in the morning!!! )

This app has definitely wow'd me. I highly recommend it.


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