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mpengo Service Call

mpengo Service Call is for anyone in a service business who does on-site calls. It’s the ideal app for Plumbers, HVAC, Property Managers, Electricians, Carpenters, or any other service oriented trade.

All of your administration work involved with a call can now be done on an iPad. You can replace your Work Order book, your Address Book, and Pricing tables, and scraps.

With mpengo Service Call, you record the call, the problem, the work performed, the time taken, the materials used, any additional charges, and create a custom work order / invoice for the customer to approve – with electronic signature capture - right on the iPad. The finished order can be printed or emailed to the customer and your office.

Going mobile and electronic also means you eliminate the re-work of manually entering the information later into an office computer. With reporting tools as part of the app, mpengo Service Call also helps you manage your business. The gathering of data and history of calls is already at your fingertips.

mpengo Service Call can be used on its own or it can be synchronized with other technicians’ iPads. It also also integrates seamlessly with our cloud-based Dispatch Board to have your dispatcher automatically update all iPads in the field with Service Calls / Work Orders.

Learn more about mpengo Service Call here

mpengo Service Call is Available on the App Store for $22.99


mpengo Project

mpengo Project is the complete end-to-end project management app for everyone who works on-site at client locations. You can do all of your project work immediately and on the spot, letting you work better in less time. There’s no longer any need to write paper notes to bring back to the office.

mpengo Project is a complete project management solution that lets you:
• Record project details
• Receive approvals with electronic signature capture
• Track work done and by whom
• Manage suppliers and materials and manage costs
• Produce reports and documents for your business and your clients.

- By using templates with industry specific terms & phrases, you can set up your projects quickly and easily
- You can share your work with your clients directly on the iPad. Our unique Client View displays your work but hides sensitive cost and other business details.
- You can choose to work in English, French, or Spanish.

mpengo Project stands alone. You do not need internet access to operate the app, so you can use it at any client site, even one out of range.

Learn more about mpengo Project here

mpengo Project is Available on the App Store for $79.99


mpengo Quotes

mpengo Quotes is for the mobile professional who needs to create estimates, statements of work, and, not surprisingly, quotes. All can be prepared without leaving your client’s site. By using customizable templates, your quotes will contain all of the terminology and contractual phrases you need.

Pricing of the work is also easy. Pricing and rate tables are used for fast and accurate costing. You can create the pricing and costing you need to optimize your offer.

You can also prepare a quote directly from your estimate. Once a quote is created, it can be confirmed immediately. Our unique signature capture lets you collect sign-off from your client electronically.

Tracking and management of your estimates and quotes is made easy with reports. Summaries and details can be reviewed on the tablet or sent via email to anyone.

Learn more about mpengo Quotes here

mpengo Quotes is Available on the App Store for $19.99


mpengo Job Cost

mpengo Job Cost is the portable, sync-able, fully supported system to run your business with NO additional fees. There are no monthly fees, no support costs, and no in-app purchases to make it work.

It’s perfect for everyone whose business is working through jobs and projects on-site with customers. You can manage multiple jobs easily, right where your work happens.

With mpengo Job Cost, you won’t let jobs get away from you. All project details - from meeting notes to customer change requests to supplier invoices and customer billings – instantly become part of the job file. Your real time costs and profit are always at your fingertips and you’ll always know your bottom line.

mpengo Ltd.’s unique signature capture helps you manage customer change requests. Requests are approved by your customer on-the-spot, directly on the iPad. mpengo Job Cost ends invoice surprises and arguments.

And with our multi-user function, it’s easy to sync data with colleagues making it easy to collaborate and manage all the work of your company.

Learn more about mpengo Job Cost here

mpengo Job Cost is Available on the App Store for $19.99


mpengo ServiceSheet

If you are in a service trade business, your work almost always includes running through a checklist of items for your customer. Whether you are in HVAC, run a repair business, are an on-site inspector, a car mechanic, or any of the hundreds of other service businesses, mpengo ServiceSheet will make your work easier.

Use mpengo ServiceSheet to create forms and use checklists electronically. Instead of pre-printed purchased forms, you can now tailor your lists of questions to meet the needs of your business and your customers exactly. Better still, new forms can be created anytime you need.

You’ll also reduce the clutter of paper and do away with pads of triplicate forms and scattered notes in your truck and office.

mpengo ServiceSheet can be used anywhere your business happens – on-site with a customer or in your garage or workshop. You can send the information collected during a service check to anyone at any time.

It’s the ideal app to use alongside mpengo ServiceCall. Manage the calls with mpengo ServiceCall, and work through the call with mpengo ServiceSheet.

Learn more about mpengo ServiceSheet here

mpengo ServiceSheet is Available on the App Store for $19.99


Dairy Health Check

The Dairy Health Check app gives you instant, accurate cow health data-right in the palm of your hand. Reduce unnecessary antibiotic treatments, and medical and third-party milk testing costs with instant somatic cell count (SCC) and Ketosis testing apps, as well as our data aggregation modules, SCC Impact Reports and PregTest Tracker. SCC

Check (formerly called Dairy SCC), turns your iPhone or iPod into a mobile testing lab with instant milk testing results, so you can immediately treat your cows or pull them from production. The newest milk testing app, Ketosis Check, gives you real-time ketosis indication so you can detect subclinical or clinical ketosis before it affect s your milk yields.

In the PregTest Tracker, you can monitor your dairy herd breeding program and manually record pregnancy test results to generate next heat, calving, and dry-off dates - with automatic reminder alerts.

SCC Impact Reports generates a list of cows that have the highest impact on your bulk tank average. You can run the full herd list, or just report the top (highest) 20 cows, and use the aggregated data from the app to instantly make a decision about which cows to exclude from the tank.

Lab-Accurate Testing Results: a University of Guelph test study revealed the Dairy Health Check's accuracy to be with in 97 percent correlation to most international dairy somatic cell count (SCC) lab testing.

The Dairy Health Check app includes:

- SCC Check with Possible Pathogen Indicator
- Ketosis Check
- SCC Impact Reports
- PregTest Tracker
- Data Collector
- Data Cloud
- Two-image processing
- Access to shareable aggregate results

Learn more about Dairy Health Check here

Quick SCC is available for $19.99 in the iTunes Store, as well as the App Store from your iPhone.
To use Dairy Health Check, you’ll need the Dairy Quality Dairy Health Check microscope accessory and testing slides.
Visit Dairy Quality Inc. at for a business discussion and evaluation of Dairy Health Check and the sampling process, and how to get started!


mpengo TimePaths

mpengo TimePaths uses your iPad to effectively create and manage a project schedule from start to finish – quickly, easily, and anywhere. mpengo TimePaths lets you move away from planning on a desktop and do your work on-site. .

Now you can instantly produce project timelines which are easy to read and understand. Imagine no more notes and rework back at the office. Just add your activities and dates – timelines, charts, and reports are simple to create.

You can use mpengo TimePaths as a stand-alone app, or you can use it with other mpengo apps. Work created in mpengo Project and mpengo Quotes can be easily exported to mpengo TimePaths to make developing a new project schedule simple.

Learn more about mpengo TimePaths here

mpengo TimePaths is Available on the App Store for $14.99


mpengo Snow

mpengo Snow is the perfect iPhone and iPad app for everyone in the snow removal business.

If you are in the snow business, you know that the reporting requirements of your property owners can be a chore for you and your snow removal crews. You must always fill out and maintain detailed salt logs and other administrative forms. And along with this, the problem of legal liability issues of slip and fall claims for your clients often filter down to you and create extra work.

mpengo Snow is a better way to document the quality of the work you are doing for your clients. Now you can do all of your administrative work immediately and on-site without taking work back to the office.

mpengo Snow helps you manage and keep track of the work you do for clients. You can keep a record of the dates of visits, snow conditions, salt logs, and your notes. You can also create reports for your business and send these to clients, insurance adjusters, and others.

Learn more about mpengo Snow here

mpengo Snow is Available on the App Store for $9.99



mpengo Inspections

mpengo Inspections for the Apple iPhone and iPad, is the app for you if you do on-site inspections. With mpengo Inspections, eliminate the re-work of your paper and pencil field notes into other programs on your laptop or desktop.

It’s the perfect tool whether you inspect properties, apartment units, campsites, or any other types of sites or projects.

It’s also flexible so that you can use your own terminology, record all of your notes the way you need, and even include photos.

Throw away your notebooks and bring your work site work into the future with mpengo Inspections.

Learn more about mpengo Inspections here

mpengo Inspections is available now for FREE at the Apple App Store.



Dispatch Board for mpengo Service Call

An incredible combination for any service business.

Imagine all of the benefits of mpengo Service Call AND the ability to link yourself and others with your own personal dispatch system. Dispatch Board for mpengo Service Call lets you manage all the calls for you and others in the field using cloud-based technology.

From any browser on a desktop, laptop, or mobile device, you or your office can field calls, review the board, and schedule and dispatch calls to your technicians in the field. When your technician has marked the call as complete, your Dispatch Board is updated, and the call is placed into history for future inquiries.

Now with the Service Scheduler feature, Dispatch Board makes it easy to manage your customers’ service maintenance contracts. By using Dispatch Board, you’ll always meet your customers’ needs and always capture future sales.

Dispatch Board is configurable to meet the needs of your business and handles any number of technicians. It can be used to send calls to technicians with or without mpengo Service Call, but an iPad with mpengo Service Call optimizes the value and benefits of both apps.

To help you manage your business, reporting and analysis tools are also included.

For more information and pricing, click here.


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